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  • Arcade1Up is a leading nationally distributed arcade machine brand that sells highly researched high-ticket items at Walmart and other major retailers
  • Ratings and Reviews were extremely important to Arcade1Up as high-ticket items are heavily researched by shoppers prior to purchasing.
  • Arcade1Up wanted to increase review volumes and boost star ratings to satisfy its retailer and support sales
  • Arcade1Up contacted Wholescale to deliver results
  • In the span of 30 days, Arcade1Up collected over 5,500 authentic reviews that have syndicated to
Results with Wholescale
Conversion Rate
Reviews Daily
5-Star Split

How Wholescale answered Arcade1Up’s challenge

Arcade1Up did not have the budget to execute product sampling programs because its products were too bulky and expensive to ship.
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Driving post-purchase engagement

Wholescale leveraged registration and content-based campaigns to drive post-purchase engagement and collect authentic reviews at scale

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New Reviews collected in 3 months
Without Wholescale… Imaginarium would have had to have spent $1,000,000+ in product sampling programs to achieve the same review volume outcomes
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