Data & Integrations

Gather data and flow it through your technology stack to better understand your customers and grow your business.

Know your customers

When you sell through retail and marketplace channels, your interactions with your customers are limited. Our Data & Integrations solution solves that.
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Data first

Identify the end-consumers who buy your products to understand your audience and uncover growth opportunities.

Integrate and elevate

Integrate your Wholescale data and content into the technology tools that run your business, including your CRM, ERP, ESP and more.
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Keep it all

Retain and access your data via your Wholescale dashboard, integrated tech stack or .csv file exports.

Client success expertise

Communicate as often as you need with your dedicated client success experts who are both Masters of Computer Engineering graduates and instrumental to the development and maintenance of Wholescale’s technology platform.


“Most things that seem too good to be true are just that. But not Wholescale! Big promises were made, and we have seen them come true in the results!”

Gus Guodace

Business Leader

Join 100+ leading suppliers and brands that trust Wholescale.