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Launch new products with reviews with the most cost-effective review seeding solution.

A necessary evil

There’s nothing to like about review seeding. It involves the exchange of product for reviews which costs money and credibility. But, until your retailers stop demanding it, we will keep delivering the most practical and economical solutions to you.
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Satisfy retailers and cut costs

If your retailers require ratings & reviews before product launches, you will feel the financial and operational costs. Wholescale’s system and solutions reduce your costs and headaches.

Make your retailers happy

Your retailers are important to your business so consistently pleasing them matters. Let us turn your user-generated-content into a core strength across your product and brand portfolio.
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One Dollar Sampling

With Wholescale, your product sampling costs can be as little as one dollar per review. Why? Because shoppers distrust sampled reviews and we want to help them make better buying decisions.

Once launched, shift your focus towards authentic reviews

Collecting real reviews from real customers should always be the priority. Learn how you can use product sampling simply as a means to an end where you collect authentic reviews, consistently and at scale.
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We had to find an authentic reviews solution because our assortment is too bulky and expensive for product sampling, plus shoppers discredit “incentivized” and “seeded” reviews. We’ve been working with Wholescale for over two years and their platform is as excellent as their client service. You will drastically boost your reviews and cut costs. I highly recommend.

Dora Dvir

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

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