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  • Blogilates is a direct-to-retail licensed nutrition and fitness brand at Target
  • Their assortment contains inexpensive consumable and durable goods, including protein powder and weights
  • Blogilates needed to increase review volumes and star ratings to satisfy retailer requirements and support sales
  • Blogilates relied on Wholescale to deliver results
  • Within 6 months, Wholescale contributed 7,000+ reviews, sales increased by 65% and Target expanded the program
Results with Wholescale
Conversion Rate
Reviews Daily
5-Star Split

How Wholescale answered Blogilates’ challenge

Blogilates did not want to do product sampling programs because they lead to limited, dated and inauthentic reviews, and because they are very costly. Wholescale eliminated the need for product sampling by executing its content-based hooks to drive post-purchase engagement and collect reviews at scale.
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Inexpensive and consumable items at mass retail

Blogilates was concerned that it would not get scans and reviews because its items are low-priced and sold at mass merchants. Wholescale deployed a strategy centered on the sensibilities of the consumer, namely women interested in health and fitness.

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New Reviews collected in 6 months
Without Wholescale… Blogilates would have had to have spent $350,000+ in product sampling programs to achieve the same review volume outcomes
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