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  • Hydrotech’s assortment contains expandable burst proof hoses that sell primarily at major retailers
  • Hydrotech’s review totals and average star ratings on were notably weak
  • Hydrotech wanted to increase review volumes and star ratings to satisfy retailer requirements and support sales
  • Hydrotech relied on Wholescale to deliver results
  • In just 3 months, Wholescale has contributed 659+ authentic reviews to Hydrotech, of which 534 of them, are 5 star reviews.
Results with Wholescale
Conversion Rate
Reviews Daily
5-Star Split

How Wholescale answered Hydrotech’s challenge

Wholescale worked with Hydrotech’s digital lead to spearhead their rating & review collection program. Wholescale eliminated then-current product sampling programs and replaced it with Wholescale’s organic solution. The benefit of doing so was threefold: authentic reviews, reduced costs and real customer insights.
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Driving post-purchase engagement

Wholescale and Hydrotech leveraged post-purchase registration and content hook campaigns to drive post-purchase engagement and collect reviews at scale.

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New Reviews collected in 3 months
Without Wholescale… Hydrotech would have had to have spent $45,000+ in product sampling programs to achieve the same review volume outcomes
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