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  • iFLY was a white label Walmart-focused luggage brand without any digital or social media presence
  • iFLY was competing against major luggage brands at mass retail, including Samsonite, the largest luggage company
  • iFLY wanted to (i) outsell its competition, (ii) become a digital brand and (iii) collect consumer data and reviews
  • iFLY relied on Wholescale to deliver results
  • Wholescale contributes 100+ authentic reviews and 200+ customer profiles daily to iFLY, and iFLY earned Walmart’s Supplier of the Year award for its excellence in understanding its customers and driving sales growth to Walmart
Results with Wholescale
Conversion Rate
Reviews Daily
5-Star Split

How Wholescale answered iFLY’s challenge

iFLY did not have the budget to execute product sampling programs because its products were too bulky and expensive to ship. Wholescale leveraged registration and content-based campaigns to drive post-purchase engagement and collect reviews at scale. iFLY built a direct-to-consumer business and established itself as a brand in the eyes of its consumers and the luggage industry by relying on its real customers’ data, the collection of which Wholescale facilitated.
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Fragmented category at mass retail

Even though luggage is highly fragmented, iFLY used ratings & reviews to separate itself from its competition.

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New Reviews collected in 6 years
Without Wholescale… iFLY would have had to have spent $10,000,000+ in product sampling programs to achieve the same review volume outcomes
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